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We regret to announce that the Aruba Summer Carnival will not be taking place in 2016. The reason for the cancellation is the lack of funds for the project. Although some sponsors were eager to work with us, it was not enough to cover the costs of the event. Looking at the time we have left it will not be possible to organize the event in the correct manner even if we receive the funds today and for that reason we have to skip 2016. This doesn't mean the end of the project. We will continue talking to sponsors and investors and try to start the event in 2017 or 2018. We thank you for willing to be on board with us and look forward to continue working with you on this magnificent project.

Aruba Summer Carnival has already closed deals with with various international media partners which will be marketing, promoting and doing coverage of the carnival in 2016. Some of he world's biggest most popular Carnival marketing and social media sites has also joined on board to help make this event one of a kind.

Someone will win a 2016 Toyota Corolla Sport at Aruba Summer Carnival 2016.

Maybe it can be you. To find out how you can win, visit our Facebook on July 3rd 2015.


Aruba Summer Carnival will be held from July 1st to July 18th 2016. Most of the events and international concerts will be held at Aruba's Carnival Village. The Carnival Village will transformed into a high quality festival arena which will help give visitors a great experience.

Aruba Summer Carnival 2016 is scheduled to launch just as planned on July 2nd 2015. The official launch will take place at Balashi Garden from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm where a press conference will be given on the ideas, plans and tentative schedule for Aruba Summer Carnival 2016.

The founders have chosen to launch 1 year in advance to be able to market the event properly locally, regionally and internationally.